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Awareness required:

Users be cautious when using Microsoft Office application (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.,). If you are ever shown the below message when opening a document (Word, Excel, PPT, etc.,)

Click “No

In case you clicked “Yes”, it will ask again below your permission to execute a command

Click “No

Congratulations, you just averted a possible Microsoft Office DDE zero day attack



From Microsoft: Windows provides several methods for transferring data between applications. One method is to use the Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) protocol. The DDE protocol is a set of messages and guidelines. It sends messages between applications that share data and uses shared memory to exchange data between applications. Applications can use the DDE protocol for one-time data transfers and for continuous exchanges in which applications send updates to one another as new data becomes available.

An attacker can format a document/email message or a calendar invite in rich text format (RTF)  such that the DDE is executed without aware of the code being embedded.

For more detailed technical understanding you can refer the below link



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