IT Infrastructure Solutions

IT infrastructure has become the backbone of almost any organization from Local SMBs to Global Enterprises in delivering effecitive and efficient business transactions.

Structured Cabling
Even tough there is a rise in use of Wireless technologies, the use of cable connected systems still dominate most of the organizations. Our Structured Cabling services start right from initial layout planning of business premises, followed by structured cabling which includes some part of civil engineering, laying of cables, crimping the connectors to terminating them to both end points and the network equipment which are highly structured and pleasing as well.
structured cabling image
Though not our mail line of business, we do supply our customer with IT hardware as and when a requiremetn arises. This allows our trusted clients to rely on us as a single point of contact for their IT requiremetnts. Since we are not a partner or reseller to a particular brand, we are provide the best and most reliable IT Hardware to our customers.
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CCTV Systems
"Dahua" is our preferred brand as it provides the best solution at the right budget, however we are not limited to one brand. We provide the best CCTV systems available in market - The make and type of cameras we recommend and supply our clients are completely based on the best suited solution as we provide our client not just product but a robust working CCTV solution.
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  • IT Infrastructure

    Cabling, Hardware, CCTV systems, Desktops, Servers & Network devices

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  • Servers/Applications

    VPN, Firewall & Proxy; File & FTP; Git, Review board & Redmine; Mail & Unified Communication; Web & CMS; Zoneminder for Survillence; ERP & CRM for SMBs and more...

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  • Monitoring & Security Systems

    Nagios, OSSIM - SIEM, OSSEC - Host IDS, OpenNAC, Open Vulnerability Assessment System

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